Y2TEC. A Program to Improve HIV Outcomes Among Young Adults.

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What is Y2TEC?

Youth to Telehealth and Text to Improve Engagement in Care is an evidence-informed intervention developed for young adults ages 18-29 by clinicians and researchers at the University of California San Francisco to address challenges related to mental health, substance use, and other barriers to HIV care engagement. A counselor delivers weekly video-based sessions using psychoeducation, health education, and the principles of motivational interviewing and problem-solving therapy. Y2TEC also includes two-way text messaging that provides appointment reminders and shares resources for clients.


What is the Goal?

The overall goal of Y2TEC is to improve health outcomes along the HIV care continuum, including engagement and re-engagement in care, retention in care, and viral suppression.


Y2TEC for Your Organization

The Y2TEC website contains basic information to help guide your organization to prepare and implement Y2TEC successfully!